Your project with SBÓS takes 2

The first thing that we need to start working on your project is to mutually choose each other.

Because we know you’re going to make an important investment in your business or in your home, we are going to spend a lot of time together and we will have to make important decisions.

To achieve this, it is essential that communication is fluid, clear, transparent and direct. That we understand each other and a good feeling starts between us.
That’s why we want to invite you to a coffee.

SBÓS INTERIOR DESIGN. We leave a mark on your business and your life.

We develop comprehensive Interior Design projects to reinvent your business, and to generate a visual and emotional impact on your customers.

Our experience in the commercial sector focuses on offices and workspaces, unique local businesses, boutique hotels, international restaurants and franchises in the textile and cosmetic sectors.

In the residential field, we carry out comprehensive refurbishments, kitchens, bathrooms, terraces and gardens.

These are the keys to our way of working. The perfect way to get to know us a little better.

Step 1. Necessity

We analyse the needs of your project in a way that is true to your business (or personal) intentions and objectives.

Step 2. Enthusiasm

We create a project that will get you excited and that you will recognise as the “project of your life”.
With it, we resolve all your challenges and difficulties, providing added value to your work.

Step 3. Profitability

We look to make the work profitable investigating the possible deficiencies that there may be in the area or in the building.
The greater the use that is made of all the spaces (and at all hours), the greater the economic sustainability.

Step 4. Proposal

We prepare a closed budget with all variables studied, so there are no unexpected surprises during the performance of the work.

Step 5. Team

Depending on the project, we select the architects and engineers needed so that the result is optimal, involving ourselves in the process and being responsible for the entire team.

Step 6. 1. Selection

We study all the facilities and materials, evaluating the different suppliers and circumstances that influence the performance of your project within the stipulated budget and time frame.

Step 7. Innovation

We buy materials in factories, showcases, trade fairs, clearance sales, flea markets… whatever it takes to make your project unique. And looking for the “wow” effect from you.

Step 8. Commitment

We perform the work seriously and achieve the targets set. Always.
You will feel accompanied throughout the process so that you find it an enjoyable experience. No stress or worries.

Step 9. Resolution

We solve any problems that may arise swiftly and effectively, so that the budget and deadlines are met.

Step 10. Transparency

Communication with you will be fluid and natural, and we are honest when it comes to sharing all the arrangements we undertake.

Are you an architect and want to develop a works project in Andorra? Contact us and we’ll talk.
If you are an entrepreneur and you’re opening a new store in Andorra, or you need to reinvent your business, make a difference with your competitors and adapt to the latest trends in interior design, we can help.
Do you want to refurbish your home? If your lifestyle has changed, the family is growing or the children have become independent, you need to remove architectural barriers or create a workspace at home, call us.

How can a lighting designer help you?

1. By reducing the installation costs

He selects the most appropriate lighting solution, meets the planned budget, assists in the process of purchasing equipment, monitors the installation and prevents errors in the work that could be very difficult to correct in the future.

2. By reducing consumption

He is able to effectively define where the light is needed and avoid over illuminating the space, in addition to choosing the most efficient equipment.
In this way, he ensures that, in economic and energy terms, the installation is sustainable.

3. By enhancing the experience of your customers and employees

The quality of light affects people who visit your business on many levels. Scientific studies show how lighting influences sales in commercial spaces, productivity in offices and safety conditions at work.

SBÓS LIGHTING: We light up your business and your life.

Did you know that the figure of a professional lighting designer was born more than 50 years ago in the US and just over 10 years ago in Spain?

That’s why we’ve incorporated into the SBÓS team an experienced lighting designer.

Light is a fundamental element in the design of spaces: it directs our visual perception and has the power to enhance and improve a project, or to distort it and affect the final result.

The lighting designer detects the aesthetic and functional needs of your business or your home, and contributes a wealth of technical experience and a highly developed visual sense.

Do you have an architectural studio and need to hire the services of a lighting designer? Let’s talk.
If you’re opening a new business in Andorra and like to back innovation or want to make changes to your establishment which help you to make your façade, shop windows, showcases or changing rooms profitable, we can help. Get in touch and we’ll have a coffee to get to know each other.

SBÓS STYLING: We make your life easier. And better.

We all grow and evolve, our needs change and our tastes and preferences, too..

Your home is a reflection of who you are, how you are and how you feel.

Our interior designer will help you detect your current needs and stamp your personality on your home.

Spaces, lighting, textures, colours and decorative elements are part of your daily life.

She will do everything necessary to surprise you and give you that unique personal touch you desire so much.

Do you have a business? If you want to make changes to your establishment to help you make spaces more profitable: more comfortable for the customer, highlight and draw attention to certain products, etc., we can also help.

If you appreciate quality and exclusivity of the results, the interior styling service for businesses is for you.