Restaurant Blau Envalira

In this project we have come across a proprietor who is in love with his profession, with broad experience due to many years running his own restaurant. The challenge for him was to change to larger and better equipped premises, but he wanted to maintain the essence that had led Blau Envalira to success all these years.

The new premises were located on the first floor, with the main entrance at street level, so we needed to catch the attention of passers-by by means of an inviting means of access. The projection of the staircase and the lighting design indicated the path to the restaurant; it was vital that it was as attractive as possible, since from the outside nothing else could be seen: no dishes, no guests, nor even if the premises were large or small.

Once upstairs, the space is distributed in four different areas: the bar area, the bar counter area, the restaurant area and the drinks area; establishing between them the connections, the service, privacy, etc., and with the intention of stimulating the parallel use of them all.

The interior’s materials have been chosen for their maximum resistance to wear; taking into account that during the winter, many clients enter wearing ski boots, with risk of slips and deterioration of the floor. Even so, the image had to remind us of a mountain refuge and bring warmth to the interior space, for this reason the choice of wood, slate and leather was made as the project line.

With special attention to lighting, we wanted to achieve a light with scenic feeling: illuminating materials with dark ceilings and low lighted passages; achieving that the customer is not very sure of where the light comes from, but enjoys the warmth that it brings. Always working with very low light temperatures and low-light feeling and matching all the points exactly with the same parameters, as if it were daylight.