Lighting of the KOY Hermitage Restaurant

The renowned chef Hideki Matsuhisa puts his signature to the new Japanese gastronomic restaurant at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa and invites you to try the signature dishes of the Koy Shunka restaurant in Barcelona and exclusive dishes designed for the Koy Hermitage.

One of the challenges of this project was the timing. We had just over two weeks to design and implement the lighting.
The second challenge was to adapt to a building already existing. We opted for a custom made design, which created a second skin on the roof, repeating the existing wood panels using U-shaped aluminium profiles that seem to be suspended in the air.

Technically, we used fixed 35 diameter modules to achieve a homogeneous, shadowless light for the work area and an indirect LED strip towards the ceiling to highlight the wood work of the panels.

As for the diners’ tables, we created a warm atmosphere with fixed projectors.

We achieved transporting the customer to an environment in which the food and its preparation is the most important.