La Gelateria Ice Cream Parlour is an unusual project in Andorra: selling ice cream in a cold region without a tradition of ice cream manufacture is a challenge as well as a dream for our customer.

The premises are designed on two levels: on the ground floor, we have located the sales area, the display and the parlour and, on the underground floor, the ice cream confectionery has been planned.

The design of these facilities has been one of the difficulties of this project, because they are complex and the available space was very limited.

In summer the premises occupy 60 m2 terrace of the Plaza Coprínceps, this is why the counter had to be very close to the terrace and to the ice cream take away service. We have also taken into account the glass work of the façade with a fully folding window, so the premises is incorporated into the square during the hottest months of the year.

To carry out the refurbishment, we have chosen materials like steel, various types of woods and mosaics, which are reminiscent of handmade tiles. Dark toned coverings give the sensation of warmth and a cosy atmosphere. The inside tables are illuminated with industrial inspired lamps lacquered in bright red.