Edifici Ona (Ona Building)

Commercial premises for McLaren & Pagani dealership

The future is the breeze yet to blow, the wind that only genius can capture and transform into a project, like the great Italian masters who have always inspired the myth of Pagani

As in other projects, we look for references of inspiration to achieve uniqueness in the result. In this case, the main use of the plot was for the location of one of the benchmark dealerships of two car manufacturers.

We needed a common thread throughout the design and this was the sinuous forms that seek to go through the air as fast as possible.

The result has been the blueprint of a sculpted building with the force of a hurricane and the softness of a breeze.

Among the different options available, the occupation of 100% of the ground floor plot has been opted for. In this way, different floors can be obtained depending on the surface area that is designated.

In this case, the goal was to make a slender building, which will have four façades and, at the same time, would have a good presence in the environment, proposing a distribution on 6 levels + ground floor; thus using up the height capacity, which will entail greater architectural quality for the homes/offices that are created.

We propose to create a building consisting of:

• Ground floor for commercial premises.
• Floors 1 to 6 for homes and/or offices.
• Underground floor 1 for commercial premises.
• Underground floors 2 and 3 for parking (for the building’s own use and rotational public use).