Cubs Shopping Centre

Blueprint of the Shopping Centre for fashion shops.

When speaking of a commercial premises in Andorra, it’s hard to think about large city shopping centres.

In our country, we like to take a walk even if weather is not ideal. And we are used to streets full of shops, one next to each other, forming a line of shops that extends longitudinally through the city.

So, when we were asked to design a shopping centre, we immediately decided to create it in the traditional way: by making the pavement the axis of distribution and of entry to the premises. In this way, we formed geometric cubes arranged in different positions so that the greatest number of shops could be seen from every angle and, in this way, achieving good perspective for all of them. In the angle of the plot, a public outdoor space for an assembly area and meeting point is also formed.

On the plot is planned the building of a block of flats on the upper floors and taking advantage of its first floor (which would be the third floor of the group) to locate the restaurant facilities and so give use to all the terrace that covers the shopping area.

We decided to identify each of the shops with a perimeter of different coloured light and, in this way, be able to better personalise them.

En la parcel·la es preveu fer un edifici d’habitatges a les plantes superiors i aprofitar la primera planta d’aquest (que seria la tercera planta del conjunt) per ubicar la restauració i donar ús així a tota la terrassa que cobreix la zona comercial.
Vam decidir identificar cada un dels comerços amb un perímetre de llum de colors diferents i així poder-los personalitzar millor.